First Term
First Year
  1. Nominating specialized committees of the council.

  2. Organizational issues for the Council’s agenda.

  3. Notifying the council of issues that have been referred by bureau of cabinet chairmanship as well as of issues discussed by each specialized committee.

  4. Request by H.E. Minister of Finance to approve the decision of IMF board of governors regarding the third amendment of the articles of the IMF agreement.

  5. A basic draft law for an international penalty court.

  6. Request of Ministry of Defense and Aviation to consider the four additional protocolsadopted by the international conference of aviation law of 1975 to modify the agreement of unifying some of the international air traffic rules.

  7. The final signing of the U.N agreement of law of the sea.

  8. Request of Ministry of Finance to delete article (2) of cabinet’s resolution No.98 on 3/8/1413 for its contradiction with the content of article (7) of the agreement of cooperation in the field of veterinary services between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and due to the ministry’s point of view of the issue.

  9. Request of King Abdulaziz City for Sciences and Technology KACST for the Kingdom to be a member in the use of outer-space for peaceful purposes committee.

  10. Suggestion of Ministry of Interior to be, with Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Telecom, Post and Telephone, members in the high commission of KACST.

  11. Request of H.E the president KACST for the Kingdom to ratify the patent on invention for the GCC states.

  12. Request of H.R.H. the minister of interior to approve renaming the Arab declaration to prevent illegal acts against the safety of civil aviation to Baghdad declaration.

  13. A draft law for Wildlife refuge/ sanctuary.

  14. The agreement No.(174) of the year 1993 and its recommendation No.(181), which were approved by the international labor conference in the 80th session of the year 1993 to prevent major industrial accidents.

  15. A suggestion to exempt CC citizens from paying real estate selling fees.

  16. Possession of real etates in Makkah and Madina by some of the GCC citizens.

  17. Request of H..H the minister of Interior to consider the suggestion of the Asir Province Emirate to set a general rule when multiple reprehensive punishments occur.

  18. Suggestion of H.R.H the minister of foreign affairs to issue diplomatic passports for all official employees in the Kingdom embassies abroad.

  19. Request of H.E minister of transportation that companies pay 10,000 to practice limousine transport of passengers, and to pay 5,000 when renewing by both companies and individuals.

  20. Request of H.R.H the minister of interior to approve the issue of a gradual obligatory decision stating that passengers and drivers of cars in the kingdom should fasten seat belts and use child restraints, and to determine punishments for violators.

  21. Request of H.E the minister of transport to reconsider the articles of the agreement of coordination and organization of sea transport operations between Saudi Arabia and Egypt.