The Shura Council Health Committee meets the Minister of Health and visits the National Health Center for Command and Control

19 رمضان 1442هـ الموافق 1 مايو 2021م

His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah, received today, Thursday, the Chairman of the Health Committee of the Shura Council, Dr. Zainab Abu Talib, and a number of members of the Council, members of the committee, at the headquarters of the National Health Center for Command and Control in Riyadh.* At the beginning of the meeting, His Excellency Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah welcomed the Chairman and members of the Shura Council's Health Committee, noting the important role that the Shura Council plays according to its legislative and oversight role, noting the importance of activating participation and continuous communication between all government agencies to achieve the desired goals.* During the meeting, His Excellency and the delegation of the Health Committee reviewed a visual presentation of the measures taken by the Ministry of Health to address and confront the emerging corona virus*. After that, Ministry officials reviewed during the meeting the efforts of the national campaign for vaccines and health services provided by Verification centers and clinics, and clarify the work that the concerned committee is doing to take all necessary precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Corona virus in the Kingdom, in which many government agencies and agencies participate.* Ministry officials alluded during the visual presentation to the most prominent achievements of the ministry and the ministry’s contribution to achieving several strategic goals within the Kingdom’s 2030 vision system, the Ministry of Health’s transformation model, which is based on six major programs to lead and unify efforts, the ministry’s partnership projects with the private sector, and the achievements made in Digital health during the last period.* At the end of the meeting, the Shura Council delegation made a field tour, during which the delegation was briefed on the National Health Center for Command and Control, where they were briefed on all the work carried out by the center, which monitors all health activities and data and analyzes them in the Kingdom. The council’s delegation included a number of members of the health committee, including His Excellency Dr. Saleh Al-Shuhayeb, Dr. Najwa Al-Ghamdi, Dr. Mona Al-Mushait, Dr. Amira Al-Balawi, and Dr. Khaled Al-Saif.