Saudi Shura Council Speaker: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Deals with Syrian Crisis from Humanitarian, Islamic Foundations Ankara

On terrorism phenomena, Dr. Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh explained that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is aware of the danger of this bloody phenomena of terrorism and has spared no effort to contain all manifestations of terrorism all and to participate in any international effort seeking to fight it and that the Kingdom has translated this policy into tight procedures through the enactment of legislation criminalizing terrorism, drying its financial sources, setting lists of terrorist organizations and the formation of a supreme anti-terrorism committee.

He pointed out that the Kingdom was also the first country called for the convening of an international conference to combat terrorism in 2005, and worked on the establishment of United Nations Centre for Counter-Terrorism and supported it with $ 110 million, and it is Chairman of the Advisory Board of this Center and an active member in the international coalition against the terrorist ISIS organization, stressing that the acts being carried out by terrorist organizations do not represent the Islamic religion which is completely innocent of them, and that the Kingdom the Kingdom has consistently affirmed that terrorism has no religion nor race, and nor a country.