The Shura Council Holds its 58th Ordinary Session
The Shura Council on Sunday discussed the draft law on fighting and financing terrorism crimes and the proposed amendments and additions to the Anti-money Laundering Law.

This came during the 58th ordinary session of the work of the first year of the seventh session held under the chairmanship of His Excellency the Vice-Speaker of the Council, Dr. Mohammed bin Amin Al-Jafri.

The Assistant Speaker of the Shura Council, Dr. Yahya Bin Abdullah Al-Sama'an, said in a press statement after the meeting that the Council started its agenda by discussing the report of the Security Affairs Committee on the draft Anti-money Laundering Law.

His Excellency the Assistant Speaker of the Shura Council said that the Council approved in another resolution the draft law of Dealing with Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.

The Shura Council also called the Saudi Railways Organization to develop its services to passengers, including electronic services, smart cards and food services, promotional programs and the expansion of linking the industrial cities of the Industrial Cities Authority with the railways.

In its resolution, the Council called upon the Saudi Railways Organization to coordinate with the bodies responsible for the land bridge project, to be implemented by modern railways and trains.