The Shura Council Holds its 61th Ordinary Session

The Council started its sixty-first ordinary session of the first year of the term session held today under the chairmanship of the Assistant Speaker of the Council H.E Dr. Yahya bin Abdullah Al-Sama'an. He listened to the report of the Security Committee read by the Vice-Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Atta Al-Sabaiti. On terrorism and its financing in the presence of the Minister of State and member of the Council of Ministers for the Shura Council, Dr. Major General Mohammed bin Faisal Abu Saq.

Article (17) of the Council's law stipulates that: "Decisions of the Shura Council shall be submitted to the King and shall be decided upon by the Council of Ministers. If the views of the two councils differ, the matter will be returned to the Shura Council to show what it sees about it and submit it to the king to take what he deems appropriate.).

The Council then proceeded to discuss the report of the Committee on Transport, Communications and Information Technology on the annual report of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.