Has got his preliminary certificate from Muhammadiah school in Riyadh; then been transferred to the Islamic Studies Institute. During this period, he was taught by his father, the late Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ibrahim, General Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as he was the only one of the Mufti's sons to live with him in the family house. So, he accompanied his father inside and outside the house. He used to read to him a lot of materials that had been taught in the Islamic Studies Institute as well as some other subjects that had been chosen by the father for his son. He also studied the interpretation of the Holy Quran and jurisprudence principles at the late Sheikh Abdulrazaq Afifi upon his father's request.* He went to Shariah College in Riyadh (later named as Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University). He graduated with Bachelor degree in Shariah in 1975. He then worked in the same university as teaching assistant, and then he was sponsored to study in Shariah and Law College in Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. He has got Master degree in 1980. His thesis title was "The emergence of Islamic Jurisprudence and its independency as of the end of fourth Hejri century".* He then returned to the Kingdom to continue his study to get the Doctorate degree in 1987. His thesis title was "Capital investment in the Islamic Shariah" under the supervision of H. E. Dr. Abdullah Al-Rakban. After that, he worked as a lecturer and Professor Assistant in Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University, College of Shariah, Jurisprudence Department until he was assigned as Minister of Justice by the Royal Decree No. 2/125 dated 19/3/1413 H (1992).


Participated in the discussion and supervision of several Master and Doctorate theses in the field of Jurisprudence. The last Doctorate thesis he discussed was that of Sheikh Sulaiman Bin Abdullah Al-Tuwaijiri "Choices of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al Al-Sheikh in worships and issues except in cleanness" in Muharram 1430H. H. E. the General Mufti of the Kingdom Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh (the supervisor of the thesis) and H. E. Sheikh Dr. Sulaiman Bin Abdullah Aba Al-Khail, Rector of Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University, have participated in the above mentioned discussion.

Conferences And Symposia


Member of Council of Senior Scholars.* Member of Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.* Vice- Chief of Executive Office of Council of Arab Ministers of Justice.* Member of Albr Organization in Riyadh.* Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Dawah Islamic Magazine.* Member of Board of Directors of Disabled Children's Association.

Research and Publications

He gave several lectures on Islamic Economy and a lecture under the title: "Terrorism and how to treat it"; they were all compiled in one book.