Rules, Procedures and Trial Of Accountability

Article One:

A member failing to perform any of his duties shall be subject to one of the following penalties:
  1. A written reprimand.
  2. One month remuneration deduction.
  3. Membership Revocation.

Article Two:

A committee of three members chosen by Speaker shall stand to member accountability.

Article Three:

Committee shall inform member with concerned contravention. Committee shall hear, register and defense member statements. Committee shall submit result to the Steering Committee.

Article Four:

Steering Committee shall form a tri-committee of own members on trialing the accused member. Speaker and Vice Speaker shall be excluded of the trialing committee. Committee shall impose reprimand or deduction penalty. Referring to Speaker shall be on committee decision to revoke membership to bring decision before the King.

Article Five:

Imposing any of the above mentioned penalties shall not preclude the filing of public or private claims against member.