Rules Regulating Financial and Personnel Affairs

Article One:

Fiscal year of the Shura Council shall be the same as the State’s.

Article Two:

Speaker shall prepare a draft of annual budget to be approved by the King.

Article Three:

Budget shall be deposited in Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency after approval. Withdrawal there from shall be against Speaker's signature or Vice Chairman.

Article Four:

If allocated funds in Council’s budget do not cover expenditures, or an unforeseen expenditure arises after budget has been prepared, Speaker shall set a list of required additional funds and bring it before the King for approval.

Article Five:

Council titles and grades of positions shall be specified in budget. Modification and downgraded during fiscal year shall be by Speaker decision.

Article Six:

King's approval shall be obtained for fourteenth and fifteenth ranks. Other positions shall be filled according to Civil Service law and regulations and shall be exempted from rules governing (job) competition.

Article Seven:

Dealing rules and remunerations for non-members rendering persons shall be set by Steering Committee. Speaker shall issues a decision for these rules and remunerations.

Article Eight:

The Shura Council shall not be under auditing of any other agency and a pre-spenditure finance department shall be within the administrative structure. Steering Committee shall undertake auditing. Speaker shall assign a financial or administrative expertise to set a report to any of Shura Council’s financial or administrative affairs.

Article Nine:

General Secretariat shall prepare closing account at the end of a fiscal year. Speaker shall bring the closing account before the King for approval.

Article Ten:

Council's financial affairs and accounts shall be governed by the same rules observed implemented by government agencies without prejudice to the provisions of these regulations.