Members Rights and Duties Chart

Article One:

Membership shall be in effect at the beginning of Shura Council term as specified in the order of its formation according to Article (thirteen) of Shura Council Law. Term of office for a substituted member shall commence on the date specified in the Royal Decree of appointing, membership shall expire at the end of the Council’s term. In case the term ends before the new Council is formed, membership shall remain valid until the new Council is formed, unless the membership is terminated.

Article Two:

The member shall receive a monthly remuneration of twenty thousand Saudi Riyals during term of office. Member shall receive the fifteenth rank treatment in terms of allowances, increments, compensations, privileges and vacations. The remuneration shall not affect pension* which member may entitled.
  • a Royal Decree number A/73 dated 5.3.1418H indicated exceptional from article two mentioned above Shura member shall receive immediately after appointing a sum of cash enough to covers a new car with a driver, maintenance, and fuel during term of office.

Article Three:

A full-time Council member, who prior to his appointment held a public position, shall retain the rank held before joining the Shura Council. Member term of office shall be taken into consideration with respect to increments, promotions and retirement. The member shall pay during membership pension premiums according to the salary of original position. A member shall not receive both Council’s remuneration and salary from original position at the same time. In case a member’s salary exceeds remuneration in the Council, the Council shall pay difference. If original position provides greater benefits than those provided by the Council, member shall continue receiving them.

Article Four:

In exception to Article two of these regulations, a Council member shall grant to member a forty-five-day annual vacation. The Speaker shall decide scheduling vacation. Speaker shall ensure that granting vacations or leaves of absence shall not affect the quorum needed for convening sessions.

Article Five:

Member shall adhere to total impartiality and objectivity in all activities at the Council. Member shall not raise any issue related to personal interest or conflict with public interest before Council.

Article Six:

Member shall attend session and committee meetings regularly. Member shall notify Speaker or a committee chair in writing when being unable to attend a session or a committee meeting. Member shall not completely leave Council session or a committee meeting before adjournment without Speaker or committee chair permission respectively.