Agenda of the Majlis’ 14th Ordinary Session Tuesday
Eighth Term - Second Year

Subject Article
First Approving the minutes of the 11th regular session of the council.
Second Report of the committee on Culture, Sports, and Tourism regarding a memorandum of cooperation between King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives in Saudi Arabia and Archive Du Maroc.
Third Report of the Committee on Human Resources and Social Development regarding the annual report of General Organization for Social Insurance for fiscal year 2020/2021
Fourth Report of the Committee on Commerce and Investment regarding the cancellation of the organizational regulations for practicing the profession of commenting on transactions with government agencies.
Fifth Report of the Committee on Energy and Industry regarding the annual report of Economic Cities and Specialized Zones Authority for fiscal year 2020/2021.
Sixth Report of the Committee on Water, Agriculture, and Environment regarding a suggested project for recycling electronic and electrical waste and used mechanical equipment in accordance with article (23) of Shura Law.
Seventh The point of view of the Committee on Education and Scientific Research regarding arranging scientific and substantive cooperation agreement and memoranda of understanding between universities and foreign institutions.
Eighth The point of view of the Committee on Transportation, Communications, and Information regarding members’ opinions on the annual report of the Ministry of Transport and Logistic Services for fiscal year 2020/2021
Ninth Any other new subjects.