First Term
Third Year
  1. Amendment to the Convention of establishing the joint Saudi-Egyptian committee for bilateral cooperation.

  2. The request to ratify the United Nations Convention of the law of Sea.

  3. The draft of Arab Convention against illegal trading in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.

  4. Ratification of the memorandum of understanding of amending the agreement of establishing the Saudi Syrian Joint Committee for Bilateral Cooperation, which took place in Damascus on 3/3/1416.

  5. Trafficking in fungal organisms draft law.

  6. A request to consider amending the names contained in the law of the Supreme Council of Endowments Royal Decree No. (m / 35) and the date of 07/18/1386 to the names agreed with the current situation after the establishment of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

  7. Forming of specialized committees of the council.

  8. A draft of Arab strategy to fight terrorism which was approved in the 19th conference of police and security Arab leaders.

  9. Proposing a law that includes rules and regulations to attract labor.

  10. How to treat Graduates of Higher Institute of judiciary.

  11. The request of H.R.H the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs to approve the amendments received by the ministry from the Arab Labor Office concerning some texts of the Constitution of the Arab Labor Organization.

  12. The request of H.R.H Minister of the Interior to be granted the authority to contract with graduates of the Commission of Investigation and General Prosecution with a rewarding piece that equals the base salary for the post, in which they will be appointed.

  13. Extending of the Convention convened by the Department of Meteorological and Environmental with the World Meteorological Organization to study the physics of clouds for three years.

  14. Hunting of wild birds and animals draft law.

  15. Approval of the restructuring of board of Trustees of King Fahd National Library exceptionally from its former members.

  16. The request of H.R.H Second Deputy of Prime Minister to define responsibilities and the role assigned to each concerned body in the event of aircrafts hijacking.

  17. The request of H.R.H Foreign Minister to complete the procedures necessary for the ratification of a draft agreement for cooperation in the fields of economics, trade, investment, technology, culture, sports and youth between the Kingdom and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  18. Proposed rules to organize arrival to Saudi Arabia to perform the Umrah and visit Prophet Muhammad holy mosque.

  19. Draft law of brands.

  20. The request of His Excellency the Minister of Communications to approve some regulations to regulate sale and operation of equipment and machinery.

  21. The request to consider adding a new offense and a corresponding punishment against those transporting illegal residing pilgrims or have no pilgrimage permits.

  22. The annual report on the activity of The Saudi Fund for Development and loans it offered to brotherly and friend countries during the fiscal year 1414/1415.

  23. Draft of school calendar for the next five years.

  24. Draft law of Prints and publications.